From a piece of art came a masterpiece. Everyone will love this


From nothing, came something.

From a poem, came an anthology.

From a sweet song, came an album.

From a piece of art, came a masterpiece.

Out of a fractured soul, came an epiphany.

Love stumbled upon me in a beautiful

way and made music with the April moon.

Encircling my poetry, intertwining my

thoughts with warbled notes.

An aroma filled with nectarous word play,

summoning a mental rhapsody and

creating a carnival procession in my mind.

Illuminating my soul and painting the void

within the chambers of my heart with shades

of effervescence.

Love came to me as a sweet surprise.

Coincidence on a high dosage of steroids

taking me on a natural high.

Lost in a fantasy, images of him imprint

my soul, eyes dilate in a romantic dream

imbibing truth.

Two hearts tangled in sweet repose and

swirling to the beats of a beautiful chaotic

destiny filled with…

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