Color me 50

Mimi Galugalu


I gaze at her National Identification Card keenly and see a serious looking woman in oversized glasses. Her lips pursed almost puckered up and a blank stare gazing back at me. Her hair sleeked back into a ponytail. This must be years ago I fathom. I look up at her from across the room. Resting peacefully on the couch watching her favorite telenovela. She hasn’t aged a bit except for a few hardly noticeable white strands on her well kept locks.

“You look different here. Were you having a bad day when taking this photo?“ I inquire stifling my amusement.

“No. The photographer had an attitude and didn’t count one to three for me. Show me a person who looks good on their ID and I’ll show you a four-legged hen.” she muses.

I’m stuck with the image of her ID in my head, the same look she gives me…

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