I saw a kayak waving the bank
No one to paddle, peddle the pads
I whispered to tranquil of nature
Like a peafowl
Come fetch me to my strength
And to her victory, too
She don’t drown down the dam

It leaks in my head, every night
nightmares of nazi nerds
crocheting foot to path
Like, starving herds
Where souls go when all is gone.

I wake up chip in the socket
A popery rosary to my left
holy candle popping right
To kneel before Al Malik
Not a sibyl, a shaman, a voodoo
Pray, He grants me a day.

Nazi this, mystery
this nightmare I’m having
Nazi that, shiny
lighting slash of agony
those nights blended
A cocktail of pain, and sleepless
sorrowing eyes

But I’m a true Kenyan
A heart optimistic, opting for mystery
I walk down the cathedral, the Calvary too
tumble down the pews,
Itching froren
Rest my knees to pray with the Jews
A Rosary to my left, right a holy candle
Praying nazi nightmares fade
And die out
And my faith sweetening  to more.

And when all forever gone
I tell my girl take the pillow
Take the blanket
your periwinkle Moccasin too
And dream love for I’m a loving man
Dream me in the best of me.



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