Writers: Kenya and Pakistan

the poetry dabbler

Kamila Shamsie
I came across Ms. Shamsie in one of my random searches for non-American/British literature. Before the internet, Amazon, Kindle & company had made searching for & retrieving books a virtual convenience, the library was the it place.The physicality of the library, the mingled smells of old & new, dogeared & pristine, books containing an immeasurable weight of knowledge in an extremely codified,  contained space is an experience that is irreplaceable. Many long, lazy childhood hours were spent at the library. The Berkeley Library is an especially exceptional “house of books,” and what drew me to this novelist was spices. The title, Salt and Saffron, played upon my Caribbean sensibility and thus my affinity for her work was born. Shamsie is a Pakistani writer whose ancestral inheritance is a long line of strong and politically courageous Pakistani writers. Ms. Shamsie’s name links to an article in The Guardian by…

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