Let Me Cry (L. M. C)


Doors to earth now closed

Locked, and heart somewhere cold

To pluck our eyes a black rose

And tears gathering moss.

We saddened to write it short, and long

For life is short, and you gone

To pour love, out , no laughs, more cries  

For a brother, for a friend

To a lost soul, to a dying spirit

To Kiptum, kept in a tomb.


So stop that pop music cropping to my ears

And hop to my steeple

come sit close to me

That we mourn a fellow Son of Press

A man of the people


Death,very, a mess.

Kiptum we grabbed our buds a beer

Hoping, the mind forgets you were here

We asked ourselves

What does death gain

When it draw man to temper and pain ?

Our spirits now a filament of fear

We blame death , the wrath, the pith

That makes a soul,living,not to breath.


My muscles now reduced to mere veins

I’m not a man, I am a mourner

I’m not fighter, I’m a heart of pains

I am a loser,

And a  tumor of brain a victor.

Remember the promised coffee

Now body and soul awaiting coffin

In midst of mystified hopes

And a requiem mass

To send you farewell

Your promise broken

And me, a friend, heartbroken.

So let me cry, and confront fate

With a feretory casket to my left,

A memorial Holy Grail to my right

Ask it

What does death gain

When it draw man to temper and pain?


Yes, we all mortals destined

To be eaten, yes, chewed by moles

But with you gone,

We stuck, alone in a lonely home

For death conned us dear Cornelius

And casted him into stone

A cross to his chest

An obelisk to his head.

And my title P.O.E.T now an acronym

People of Ending Times

Our pauses mimicking, very

The agony, and the pain

The beats of sorrow grinding our veins


And the mantra is one sad song

A sotto of cries parading in a crescendo

Of one,heartbreaking, fiasco  

Death of journo legend.

R. I. P Brother,  dear gentle heart

When the sun sets we remember your rise

When a handsome man was born

And our hopes reborn

So we mourn, shed tears every morn

And ask ourselves, repeatedly

What does death gain

When it draws man to temper and pain?



2 thoughts on “Let Me Cry (L. M. C)

  1. This is so beautifully written… deep, sad… very tragic. The grasping lines of an elegy…

    Death leaves that big painful scar in all our hearts…the loss of a loved one is deeply painful.

    R.I.P to your friend, brother.


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