Africa needs Muhammadu’s Mentality


The inaugural speech of Muhammadu Buhari published in The Standard on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 was an exposal of what African leaders must strive to deliver to their people. It appeased all ends in the society casting full lights over issues that portrayed the continent as a darkening territory: terrorism, proliferating cases of unemployment, cattle rustling, and plummeting economy.

The speech was basically an enterprise of ideas that we as Africans must accept for us to gather enough amperage to initiate a utopian-turn. There are few issues that I noted worth sharing with everyone christened the citizenry of this democratic continent.


Firstly, Buhari’s faculty of contemporaneously existing in two distinct fields, belonging to everyone and belonging to nobody, is one crucial aspect that other African leaders never welcomed. If the incumbent father of Burundi was a graduate from Buhari’s school of thought, and belonged to everyone, then his nation would not have been a marketplace of refugee camps. The coup attempt would not have exhibited itself. In short, Burundians would have smelt peace in its right scent .

Secondly , Muhammadu’s inaugural speech speaks of a government that is much ready to acknowledge the vibrancy of press. This is not the case in some African nations. To instance in, the chieftain of the nation north of Tanzania once regarded the press as mechanics of meat wrappers. Such a credo is harmful to the entire profession and it turns the press into a dodo species in line to extinction.


Lastly, Buhari assures Nigerians that the only way to achieving their national objectives is to consciously work the democratic system. If all political leaders in Africa were sophists like this Nigerian Super Eagle democracy would be a core axle of each system. However , some African nations have dealt with democracy only in the periphery level of their systems. This has resulted to creating a growth niche for bogus leaders whose instruments of governance compose tension to their people.


In short, that  inaugural speech wasn’t just for Nigeria. It was for Africa . It was for every country that believes in democracy, and every nation where the president belongs to everybody. And to ensure our continent is physically fit to handle our tribulations then our leaders must borrow Buhari’s mentality . The mentality on democracy, press, and of belonging to everybody. 


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