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Where was the World when Kenya Lost 67 lives?

All Rights ReservedAs I am writing this, my mind and the depths of my heart are attached to the tribute of Je suis Charlie. I was greatly saddened by the lost of lives. I am human just like you. I cry. Sometimes my tears wash away my agony, sometimes they don’t. I protested, and here still I do, every moment when terrorism struck humanity. You see I am human too. But wait are they human like us? Were they present when Africa was mourning the Nigerian lost lives? Yes they were there when Africa was pleading for the 200 kidnapped girls. But where were they when Kenya was mourning the 67 lives in the aftermath of Westgate attack? As you are reading this the world hasn’t yet marched to the streets in protest of the westgate attack.

We all humans. Of course we are. That’s why when Ebola came calling every part of the world volunteered shoulders to lean on, messages of hope to the bereaved, and medical think-tanks to aid in research. Ebola was a world crisis. No doubt. At that Ebolic moment of death, Africa and the rest of the world were two siblings fighting hard to rescue life from the talons of this deadly nemesis. But when Nigeria was losing lives under the parasol of Boko Haram, did the world marched to the street to protest? When I say I am human too believe me. I am human like you and that’s why I am protesting that the world must join us every time Africa is mourning. When Africa lost 67 lives during the Westgate attack, 21 September 2013, the rest world should have come to Africa to march to the streets. When the world joined France to walk to the streets when twelve people were killed, that same world should have marched to Nigerian streets to protest over Boko haram. Sometimes it is not the messages sent that matters. Sometimes what matters is that feeling that the rest of the world is present when a particular nation is mourning.

Getting down to statistics, if the world could march in tribute to twelve lives that would definitely presuppose that it should have done the same in protest of the lost sixty-seven lives. You see I am just human. I’m just a being in quest for a touchstone of empathy to the African world. Je suis africain!

As I am ending this, the first anniversary of the westgate attack is already gone and the world hasn’t yet shown up to march to the streets. But I am human and therefore I won’t lose hopes. I know the world must show up. I know it will.


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