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Three Issues That Kenya Should Address This Year

As the New Year unfolds into another blank page that will see us write both our big hits and failures to thrive, there are certain instruments of downfall that need to be greatly considered as being among issues that must be addressed this year. They are the worst of our calories, so let’s burn them if we intend to keep the society physically fit. Allow me to expatriate upon them.

One of the nemeses that deserve much attention is social media. It’s no doubt that this archetype of technology has positively changed our lives through the facilitation of global village. But truth be told, social media has turned into a boulevard of hate speech in the name of freedom of expression. This issue must be addressed so that Kenyans on social sites are aware that the freedom of expression, as per the constitution, is not guaranteed if one incited the populace to violence or engaged in hate speech. Social media has reduced our notable heads, the literati and glitterati into mere simpletons. And worst of all, some social media users have formed a battalion of primitive cyber bullies who attack their fellow Kenyans with all sorts of bad words including those that haven’t yet found their way into the dictionaries of bad mannerism. These are the people that would have forced the renaissance Donatello in his time to execute a simulacrum of Christ in Kenya portraying Him in a moment of agony and body contorted in a ghostly posture without any respite.

Let us also take note of religion. Religious trends in Kenya have put some people in the view of what of Machiavelli would term as Ferdinand of Argon; people who hide under the cloak of religion yet in reality they bear no resemblance to the purity of their doctrines. It’s because of the intricacies of religion that non-Muslims are now forcing themselves to learn the Shahada and other Quran mantras on the teachings of the Prophet so that they may overcome what linguists refer to as the shibboleth schema; dying in circumstances such as the Mandera massacre and Westgate attacks in the name of kafirs. Our imams and caliphs and all those who believe in the true teachings of the Prophet should guide us through these tides of terrorism resulting from religious misinterpretations so as to make 2015 a terrorism-free year.

Thirdly, we must identify the path where good politics took to heels leaving behind some murky and tribal politicos who have forced Kenyans not to breathe from their usual frescos but from mere chinks. Such a pity that we now pity ourselves why we voted them in. And when Jackson Biko writes that parenting has gone straight to the dogs, I second him, but on another level, that good politics has also gone straight to the dogs. Tribal politicos, no matter their number, have the capacity to contort the purity and sanity of our societal feretories – peace, love, and unity. And let me not mention how the modern day politicos have manufactured ethnic coteries. This is because we are all aware that ethnicity and politics are becoming coterminous with the two narrowing down to a common ground where one takes the traits of the other.

Lastly let us work on these three issues and address them fully. This is the time when we only need Kenyans who understand the Machiavellian apothegm which holds that in the beginning of the malady it is easy to cure but difficult to detect and that in the course of time not having been either detected or treated in the beginning, it becomes easy to detect but difficult to cure. So let’s address these maladies in time.


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