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For the love of cars, every man can save!

Mr. Musakali

The sphinx in CAiro The sphinx in CAiro

I recently had a very interesting conversation with two of my colleagues, Michael and Leonard. I am always amazed at the depth of knowledge my age mates have when it comes to certain issues. You will never know this without having such discussions. We discussed a varied number of topics ranging from investing to buying a house and more. Being boys the conversation naturally drifted to cars. It first started with the different cars available out there in the market and the different reasons why you would choose one over the other as your first car. I have always disliked Toyotas (Prado’s and VX’s don’t fall under this category for me) as I feel they focus on efficiency and completely neglect comfort. As a result my first car would never be a Toyota. They are pretty solid but they just don’t cut it for me…

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