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Health Volunteers Deserves more than Honor

Let me express thanks to the 170 Kenyan health volunteers who have joined the rest of the world in securing Africa from them Ebola rancor under the parasol of African Union Support to Ebola Outbreak (ASEOWA). They are our greatest heroes and heroines. Their volition to volunteer depicted Kenyan medical think-tanks as a quintessence of selflessness, great empathy and extreme value for human life.

Those were not individuals engulfed by professionalism and medical ethics. Rather, these are men and women of epic hearts filled with the love for Africa and extreme value for human life. Neither were they motivated by monetary rewards that would see them into a new income bracket of between USD 3,700 and 5,000.

It is not easy for a mother to leave behind her children and deny them motherly love for a period of one month leave alone six months. I tell you it is not easy. For when a mother leaves behind her children it’s either because of a family-bound crisis or she is running to save a life. In this case our mothers took the latter; running to save a life when Africa came calling. And whoever thinks that this was a monetary reward affair should go back to the books and learn that money can not be equated to human life, selflessness and love. This was beyond money. It was more of empathy.

It will be expedient enough that we comfort the families of the health volunteers. Let us make them understand that they are the descendants of Africa’s greatest heroes and heroines. Also, the government should devise ways of expressing gratitude to these great citizens. Lastly, as we appreciate those individuals let every Kenyan understand that Ebola is tough but we can Ebola it (End before One Lose Africa). Let us join the rest of the world in making Africa a zero-tolerance avenue for Ebola. Stay safe and help Africa be safe!


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