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Last Verse

I pluck back my alphabetic-duck strings
A, B, down the C , then up fly the sea
That my fairy najma would see
A stellar music when my rhythm rings
A Ken adorable when my voice sings.

Today my daughter Mabel wails for a sonnet
She knows her mum fell for a poet
It’s fathers day dad write me more
So I let my words off the closet
On my literary marks,  set,  then go
Her heart widens, as her smiles tip toe.
Off she falls aback,as her dre’ms walk afore

So I turn-page to my bedtime queen
To down lay her,  unlock my pin and please her in,
With our  mouths double clicking  beneath her lips
Off, she lets my hands gentle-pat her augusto hips!

Then I hasten my pace to rest my case
Prosecute me not, neither  my race
That my mumland I will trace
And stare ‘gain bene’th  a face
Of a savoury queen Helen
Hallow be her heaven!

Judge Raman will say I’m naughty
My mouth chatty, my mind flirty
That my lines must be rated PG
And my thoughts under siege!

So I road-drive my rhymes to a stop sign
Alight, and cast my lines to th swines
As thoughts run down the river
And mind cold-shiver!


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