Okwiri Oduor wins Caine Prize for African Literature

Africa 39

Africa39 author, Okwiri Oduor.

Africa39 author, Okwiri Oduor, was last week awarded the Caine Prize for African Literature for her story, “My Father’s Head” (pdf).

In her interview with Kenyan journalist, Kingwa Kamencu, Oduor spoke about the forms of grief and grieving and how they circulate in contemporary culture and literature:

Death is a part of life. It’s interesting because we don’t know what lies beyond death and there’s so many stories to be told surrounding death. You’ve mentioned something about how we don’t like to acknowledge the fact that we’ll die, which is what happens. So I’m also interested in these kinds of appearances that we keep up.

But I’m also interested in the fact that grief happens in many ways and we grieve many different kinds of things. Many things die not just humans. I mean, childhood dies, love dies, relationships between parents and children die, or…

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