If they could talk

Enthralling piece of poetry


If these sheets could talk,
they would whisper in a hushed tone:
“I will miss the way you shift in your sleep,
how you keep me pressed under your weight,
how you manage to retain all my creases.
I hate how you forget to fix me when you wake,
but I guess there are things more important to you
than fix something that will be messed up again at night.”

If my mirror could talk,
it would articulate in a reflecting manner:
“I’ve seen you try on your clothes,
in hopes that you’ll look more brand new this new semester.
I know how you wish you could have bought new shirts,
new shoes, new dresses, new shorts and new pants;
just so you could reinvent yourself this school year.
But despite that, I have also seen you take them off
in pure disappointment that this year,
it won’t be any different.”

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